Connect your Android to wifi (faculty)


Connecting an Android Phone to Nassau Community College Faculty Wi-Fi

The images in this article were captured on an LG V20 running Android 7.1.2. If you are using different device or a different version of Android OS, your screen and app icons may look slightly different, but the selections and information will be similar.

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Tap the icon for the Settings app for your device.



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Go into the Wi-Fi settings menu.

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After changing your password, you will need forget the Wi-Fi network, click on the network you want to forget, another screen will pop-up. In this case you will tap ncc faculty. Please note that some other devices may have you press and hold on the network name, while others may have a button aside from the network name, you may need to click.

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Then click on the Forget This Network or Forget


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After forgetting the network, click on the network name again and it will bring up a sign in menu. If given the options set EAP method to PEAP, Phase 2 Authentication to none and CA certificate to Do Not Validate. (Continued in next step)


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In this case the CA certificate option is Do not validate. If you do not have an option for CA certificate, feel free to skip this step. Please note this option may also appear as a check box for ‘Check for CA Certificate’ that you want to have unchecked.


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The Identity/Username field will be your username to sign into pcs on campus, this is  the first six letters of your last name followed by your first initial. For example, the six and one for Jane Smith is smithj. The password will be the same as your portal password. Anonymous Identity should be left blank. Finally, click connect.



You Should now be connected to the Faculty Wi-Fi network.

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