Windows 10 Upgrade

During Summer 2022, Information Technology Services is planning an update to Windows 10 version 20H2, which is the latest version of Microsoft's desktop operating system. This update contains all features and fixes included in previous updates, along with improved security, stability, and some new features.


When you turn on your computer, the update will take several minutes to install. This new version will not introduce any major changes to your operating system. After the upgrade, you will see a different look and feel to the operating system and to MS Office products, such as Outlook, Word, or Excel. Links to any shared drives, documents that have been saved locally, and other software preferences, will remain intact and accessible.  

Before the actual desktop environment is loaded for the first time, Windows 10 displays a few screens during the installation that include the following:This might take several minutes these updates help protect you in an online world

You've got the latest Window's update! Go through these tips to see what's inside. Tip 1 of 5


The Windows 10 Tips window appears after the upgrade to 20H2:

  • To find new features, select the link, “Go through these tips to see what’s inside.”
  • Or, to find the tips app to get even more info, click Windows start menu button Start > type Tips on your device and press Enter.

What's your favorite mode? Make your apps and app tiles stand out with the Light or Dark mode. Select the start menu icon than select settings, then personalization, then colors. Under Choose Your Color, select the color mode you prefer. Tips 2 of 5Keep tabs on your website tabs tip 3 of 5

quickly jump between open webpages with the Alt and Tab buttonsThat's it! Visit the Tips app home page to get even more tips and discover new things.


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