Student Email FAQs

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  1. How do I create my email account?
    All NCC students will be automatically given an email account.
  2. What is my email address?
    Your full Student Email address is -OR-, where "XXX" are the last three numbers in your NCC-ID.

  3. What is MyNCC email password?
    You do not need a separate password for your email. You will access your email through the MyNCC Portal. Once you login, click the email icon to access your email.
  4. Why is my email account suspended?
    If your email account has been suspended, open a student email support ticket. The NCC IT team will help resolve the issue.

  5. I am having an issue sending or receiving emails.
    If you are unable to send email from your account, check and see if any Internet security, firewall, anti-virus, or pop-up blocking software is installed on your computer. Also try clearing out your Internet cache and cookies. Double check the spelling of the recipients email address and make sure you haven’t changed the index email settings for your account. If you are getting a specific error from Google, let us know by opening a ticket.

  6. What services are included in my email account?
    The current suite of services offered includes: Mail, Calendar, Drive, and Talk. As Google develops new tools, Nassau and Google will collaborate to bring them to you.

  7. What options do I have for accessing email?
    You can access your email via the MyNCC portal or through your mobile device.
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